Kino Flo 4 foot 4 Bank (Daylight/Tungsten)

Kino Flo 4 foot 4 Bank (Daylight/Tungsten)

R 750.00 / day


Daily Rental Prices excludes 10% insurance and 15% VAT


The 4-Bank is similar to a 1,000 Watt softlight, but uses 1/10th the power. Color temperature doesn’t shift when the light levels change. Lamps are long lived and operate outside the fixture. The fixtures are lightweight enough to tape to a wall. 4-Lamp remote fixture w/ built-in barndoors.

Fixture includes Reflector, Louver, and Removable Harness. Same fixture takes daylight and tungsten lamps, plus visual effects color lamps. Mounts to stand, light enough to tape to wall. Fixture or lamps w/ harness run up to 75 feet (24 meters) from ballast.

  • High-output, flicker-free ballasts.
  • Instant-on, dead quiet.
  • Individual lamp switching – no color shift.
  • HO/Std switching.
  • Same ballast runs 4ft and 2ft lamps.
  • Operates at 1/10th the power of conventional tungsten softlights UL listed, CE approved.

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